It is crucial for clients to know the credentials, qualifications and scope of practice of the counsellor they choose to work with. It is also very important to note that counselling and psychology are two different fields of psychotherapy. Holistic Counselling with Zeynep is not a psychological service and as such we do not conduct mental health assessments, prescribe medications or provide a diagnostic assessment for clients. Holistic Counselling with Zeynep is also a service which does not bulk bill, accept Medicare or Mental Health Care schemes.

However Counsellors are trained professionals who are experts at listening, creating a safe space for clients and equipping them with the right resources, skills and strategies to achieve their mental health goals. The long term goal of working with a Counsellor is to equip clients with up to date psycho-education which can foster healthy quality of life. I network with mental health professionals including clinical psychologists with the correct training within their scope and make appropriate referrals if needed. 

Statement of Boundary & Privacy

Please note that I honour myself and my personal boundaries by deleting, restricting and/or blocking individuals who are disrespectful, racist or who I suspect plagiarises my work. I understand that you may not agree with all my work due to many factors hence why I invite you to unfollow or block me at your own discretion. Being a Counsellor is not my complete identity, it is my profession. I am a unique human being with a story of my own, and I honour that by respecting my boundaries.