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Counselling is the process of learning to unlearn patterns of behaviours and ways of thinking that no longer serve us. Most of us live our whole lives unconsciously in survival mode, by the shackles of conditioning that our traumas have imprinted on us. We have disassociated from our true authentic selves and have lived through a lens of being wounded and misaligned. In a counselling session, be prepared to having moments of breakthroughs. To make connections, and to have a clearer understanding of your own life’s story. When we begin to challenge, reframe and reflect on the underlying waves that have primally been driving us, we no longer sit in the passenger seat of the aircraft. We are now in the pilot seat; in total control. 
I invite you to a journey of self discovery and healing. 


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Who is Zeynep and How Can She Help?


Zeynep is a women's counsellor who is passionate about mental health and has a particular interest for working with family dynamics & patterns, generational trauma, and healing from childhood experiences. What sets her apart from other counsellors and therapists is using a holistic approach to talk therapy. The mind, body and spirit; how do we make sense about some of the things that has happened to us? How do we add meaning to these experiences? When these aspects of the human life are honoured and space has been held to safely explore and release emotional baggage, the results are transformational. This is why working with the approach of the whole-person in mind is important. 

Zeynep's academic studies in the counselling field started on a Diploma level certification in Counselling, and has supplemented this course by completing a Bachelor level of study at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. She is a Provisional member of the national associating body of Counselling, PACFA, which means that the service she provides is followed by a code of ethics and is regulated. Zeynep has also worked with young adolescents by working as a High School Counsellor to secondary students in the education sector for over 5 years. Zeynep also holds a certification in Family Counselling and Trauma Informed Care, making her equipped in the areas of family counselling and trauma affected clients. 

She also works with a blended variety of modalities to suit the unique and growing needs of her clients. Your sessions will be tailored to your own personal needs; so feel free to let your counsellor know what works best for you.


Client Testimonials

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:


Salaam Zeynep. Thank you so much for all you've done. I'm so glad you were there through my healing process. Now every single day when I see myself in the mirror I smile and say, you look beautiful and you are amazing. I have developed this love for me that I never thought I was capable of and it is so special to value for myself. Therefore, thank you for making me believe in myself.

An Empowered Client

I honestly have never had better results with a counsellor and I've been through a few! Your approach is not only effective but beautiful and comforting! Not just that but you as a therapist being understanding through each sessions if my daughter was crying meant the world and it's why I recommend you to everyone I speak to.

An Empowered Client

Hi Zeynep, I just wanted to say thank you so much! I am honestly so glad to have met you, definitely made the right decision. I love your approach, it was a very intense session and I do hope to continue regularly inshallah. I felt very relieved and exhausted at the same time, slept for a good 2 hours afterwards. Thank you!

An Empowered Client